Winning Work

All of ours customers are technically and commercially sound and capable, however many of our customers under represent their excellence and expertise - our collaborative and informed approach enables them to tell their story better.


                            "100% customer satisfaction"

"96% hit rate"

Winning work support helps our customers to understand their markets, measure and manage intelligence and process, ultimately maximise their scores on bids.

We do this by structuring the Winning Work process and associated functions of information management and helping the team to treat bidding with the same importance and rigour as other business and project functions.

Support varies depending on Customer skills and the importance of the bid  to the business.

Services include Bid workshops, supply partner integration, answer and documentation development and structuring, reviews, evidence harvesting, And presentational and scribing skills.

Bid support extends beyond compiling excellent PQQ and ITT documents through  to pre validation  project audits, interview skills and training, including rehearsals, body language and communication skills.

These services become very specific and Diligentia are often regarded as embedded  team members as well as facilitators.

 Repeat business levels are high and succes rates exceptional with a track record of scoring top in Quality and a number of our customers are on third generations of framework support.