Building Information Modeling 

Andrew was co Author of the UK Govt BIM report mandating Level 2 BIM in UK.

Services include speaking at events, delivering a suite of BIM courses and interventions in suppliers and Clients, facilitating adoption of BIM processes and protocols in businesses and on projects.

The team have developed conditions and contract terms for BIM obligations on public contracts and projects, developed BIM tool kits for clients, and implemented BIM assessment and audit protocols on public programmes of work.

Taking procurement BIM  challenges beyond PAS91 BIM questions and “qualifications” to meaningful and appropriate assessment making informed selection decisions.

Supporting companies and Clients with the challenges of implementing and procuring BIM enabled projects and harvesting the benefits of Collaborative working and measured performance.

"Insider knowledge, experience around subject matter and excellent facilitators" 

Diligentia team members have supported and facilitated BIM on a number of projects and within businesses and Client organisations. 

Responsible for authoring the All Wales Local Authority BIM toolkit, and the common documents, practices and standards utilised to achieve Level 2 BIM  with Supply partners.

Linking BIM data and CAFM, following the collaborative toolkit model,  is the focus of this Client group going forwards.