With over 15 years of support interventions and governance roles providing embedded services, procurement management and framework development  with Client Customers on both single projects as well as frameworks.

"Thanks Andrew for bringing the team an "industry savvy" balance into the procurerment team - without doubt we have avoided making mistakes"

Either as advisor or within the procurement team, specialist support has included dynamically managed notation limits, intelligent supplier rotation / taxi Ranking, Special interest group development, KPI drive pain & gain share, Community Benefit and Social Value measures and tools, and client development of Quality based models and alternative cost criteria including median asessment.

Compliant procurement to directives and structured market testing processes, as well as structured bidder debriefs and client audit reports from part of the Diligentia service offer.


Diligentia bring an industry understanding to the Client team dynamic cutting through the bluster of submissions enabling informed evidence based decisions that are compliant,auditable and probitious.